“Someday I hope to bring my grandchildren here to Scotland – not to show them what golf is but what golf isn’t – that it isn’t $200 million resorts and $200,000 membership fees, that it isn’t six hour rounds and three day member-guests, that it isn’t motorized buggies, Cuban cigars, and cashmere headcovers. It’s a game you play simply and honorably, without delay or complaint – where you respect your companions, respect the rules, and respect the ground you walk on. Where on the 18th green you remove your cap and shake hands, maybe just a little humbler and a little wiser than when you began.”
George Peper
Faraway Fairways is one of the Leading Providers of Custom Scottish Golf Tours and “Play in the Ryder Cup” experiences.

Working closely with you we will ensure that your Scottish Golf visitors’ experience will be, at the very least, outstanding !

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