Andrew Brookes
Andrew Brookes is the designer for Scottish Tartan. He has been tailoring bespoke Scottish outfits for over 27 years since he came into the family business run by Albert Brookes his father started back in 1946. His aim is to make the very best handmade Scottish bespoke outfits with individuality, flair and sophistication for customers locally and internationally.


3 thoughts on “TARTAN”

  1. Absolutely NOTHING NOTHING ever is sexier than a man in a kilt… do not show me abs or muscles unless they are covered with a kilt…. Highland games the best part of any year…..Not too thrilled with the fabric of the mustard one tho… of course my own clan is the best…
    Yours, aye
    Joanna Isobel McGinn

  2. It is true that you can wear whatever tartan you like best. The tartan weaving companies originally numbered their tartans and they gained their names if a client habitually ordered a particular tartan, for example a laird who ordered the same tartan over the years for his workers. That tartan would come to be referred to by his name.

    And wear what you want with it. Enjoy it!

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